Technology moves the world forward. We at Paradigm Innovations continually research new technologies that solve real problems in the industrial world. Often, when a pressing problem has no current solution, we develop our own technology meet the need.

Our Preferred Technologies


Desalitech’s Reflex technology represents the first breakthrough update to the reverse osmosis (RO) process in decades. Operating standard components in a new way, Desalitech is often able to cut RO waste streams by 70% or more, while reducing power requirements by 10-20%.

Reflex works by recycling all permeate into the incoming water feed. When the operational limits of the RO are reached, the concentrate is flushed and the process starts over. Varying salinity levels inhibits biological growth, reducing fouling. Since the RO is not continually operated at scaling limits, scaling potential is reduced. With scaling species that require long contact times to scale, such as silica, Desalitech can operate ROs at limits higher than conventional ROs, saving water and chemicals.

This process produces water continuously, with only slight variance in permeate quality. However, due to the high flux Desalitech can maintain on their membranes, the RO is more efficient, saving power and producing overall higher quality permeate in most situations.

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After working in the oil and gas industry for decades, the makers of ElectroPure have teamed up with Paradigm Innovations to introduce a groundbreaking water treatment process to new applications. ElectroPure is an electrocoagulation process, which combines solid state electrical processing with traditional water treatment chemistry to provide advanced specie removal. Electrocoagulation specializes in removing:

  • Bacteria and Algae (99.99+%)
  • Metals (90-99%)
  • Silica (99.9%)
  • Selenium (75%)
  • Suspended Solids (99.9+%)

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