Sustainability is the path of continuous improvement, wherein the products and services required by society are delivered with progressively less negative impacts upon the earth.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers


Sustainability is putting a progression of steps together that can:

  • reduce the use of resources,
  • increase safety,
  • reduce emissions
  • while protecting the bottom line.

It’s not a magic wand.

It shouldn’t be a theme of the week management program.

It goes beyond changing out lightbulbs and adjusting the thermostat

It truly is a marriage of management vision and technology integration to design a path forward that both makes economic sense for stakeholders and good stewardship for the environment. It’s a progression; even small goals are better than no goals.

We work within a corporation at all levels to determine goals that are achievable, reasonable timelines, and budgets to make them reality. Our goals are broken down into three levels: small and immediate, medium forecasting, and long term objectives. This twelve step process help to put the pieces together to successfully build a path, your path.

Our main targets are reduction of water, wastewater, power, and chemical usage through process integration and new technologies. The outcomes often have surprising ROI!


Sustainability in Practice

What is sustainability really? There are philosophical, political, and practical aspects to sustainability. There is the mantra to reduce resource usage regardless of cost. There is the practical side to reduce usage solely watching costs. We believe both are correct. Mutually exclusive, yes, but correct depending on where you are as a company. Everything depends on what your company is able to do, desires to do, or needs to do. We always have to acknowledge that the hundreds or thousands of job... Read More