Processes and Optimization

Let our experience in industrial, chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, water and water conservation, wastewater, controls, optimization strategies, and more go to work for you to repair, improve, or optimize your process.


We're able to find and fix minor or major issues within any part of your process. We can determine the exact cause and give you repair options, whether it's an intermittent or continuous problem.


With our experience in system and experimental design, we can design your water, wastewater, cooling, heating, filtration, scrubbing, treatment, production or waste process.


Even if you have an existing system, we can work to improve it. We can determine what pipes, pumps, valves, materials, instrumentation & controls, and corrosion controls are needed to make your system perform better than ever.


We can provide training and documentation for proper control, tracking and maintenance of your systems.

Project Management

Many companies keep essential engineering staff for operations but managing a larger project is difficult. We can focus on your large capital projects to maintain schedule and budget.